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About Marty Lancton


Marty Lancton likes to relax by watching sports, and – as a Houston, Texas native – he always cheers on sports teams from his hometown, particularly  the Rockets and the Astros.

From Houston, Texas, Patrick “Marty” Lancton is a multitalented professional who has spent the last 22 years building and honing his experience as a union President and Vice President, business owner, partner, board member, and state-certified firefighter since 2000. He is deeply involved with first responders, particularly firefighters, within the Houston area. 

Marty Lancton began building his career as a firefighter and paramedic in 2000 when he joined the City of Cedar Park Fire Department in Cedar Park, Texas. After three years there, he joined the City of West University Fire Department in West University, Texas, where he stayed until 2009 when he joined the City of Houston Fire Department, where he remains to this day. 

Since 2015, Marty Lancton has served as Chairman of the Board Executive Board for the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Charitable Foundation. In 2016, Marty was elected President of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, and in 2017, he joined the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters as Vice President for the Executive Board of Directors. In 2018, Marty Lancton joined the Texas AFL-CIO as Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors, and in 2019 he accepted a senior fellow position from the British American Project. Then, in 2020, Mary made two large career advancements, joining the American Leadership Forum – and the United States Executive Committee of the British American Project – as a Senior Fellow.


Throughout his career, Marty Lancton has also focused on ways to give back to his community. He founded the Red Hot Gala in Houston, a charitable foundation created to honor Houston’s firefighters. In just four years, he grew the foundation from virtually nothing into raising nearly two million dollars. Through his work with the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Charitable Foundation, Marty helps to give a helping hand back to the ones who help us in our greatest times of need. The foundation provides relief for firefighters facing exorbitant medical expenses, residential damage, and loss, as well as providing winter jackets for local children and other work in the community. 

One thing that Marty Lancton is passionate about is his overall belief in servant leadership. As a leader and in your personal life, Marty Lancton believes that you should make sure that you put out more than you take in. One of the mottos that Marty goes by is “Men for Others.” Because of this, Marty has become involved in many different charity organizations in the Houston area.

When he isn’t busy with his fulfilling career, Marty Lancton likes to relax and unwind by watching sports. As a Houston, Texas native, he always cheers on sports teams from his hometown. He’s particularly fond of watching the Rockets play basketball in the winter and the Astros play baseball in the spring. 

For more from Marty Lancton about the latest in Houston sports, be sure to visit his blog page and check back often for the latest updates!

Marty Lancton

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