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Getting in the act of watching TV is one of the ways to avoid crowds at the world’s most significant sporting events. It is a tradition in many cultures to make plans to watch a big game or a tournament. Most of the world’s most popular television broadcasts are about sports.

1. Tour de France 

The Tour de France is a prestigious cycling event that takes place every summer in France. It’s also one of the most challenging races in the sport due to the route that goes through the country’s beautiful mountain roads. 

The race features 21 stages, covering 2,200 miles. Each participant is part of an 8-person team. The Tour de France has been one of the most popular events in the world since it began in 1903. A recent report shows that around 3.5 billion people watch the race annually.

2. World Cup of Soccer 

The World Cup is regarded as one of the most popular events in the world. It’s a quadrennial tournament with 32 national soccer teams from various countries. Each of the games takes place in an enclosed stadium. 

The 1950 FIFA World Cup Final game, held in a stadium with over 200,000 spectators, has the record for the most people watching a sporting event in one place. People watching the World Cup regularly exceeds 3 billion. In 2018, it was estimated that around 3.262 billion people watched the event.

3. Cricket World Cup 

Although cricket is not as well-known in North America, fans of the sport are aware of how popular it is in other parts of the world. The World Cup, an international tournament for One-Day International cricket, takes place every four years. Like the World Cup, the tournament features ten teams and lasts six weeks. The 2019 Cricket World Cup was in England and Wales. During the tournament, around 2.6 billion people watched the games.

4. Summer Games 

The Summer Games are regarded as one of the most popular events in the world. Not only are they full of various sports to watch, but they also feature incredible stories of individuals from different backgrounds. With the desire to support their home country, millions of people watch the Games on their televisions. 

The Summer Games are held every four years in one of the most desirable locations in the world. It’s regarded as one of the world’s most attended and popular events. With an average global audience of over two billion, it’s easily one of the most-watched television programs.

5. Winter Games 

Although the Winter Games doesn’t draw the same amount of attention, it’s still a popular event that attracts a broad audience. It’s held every four years and features various sports, such as ice hockey, figure skating, and snowboarding. Around a quarter of the world’s population watched some portion of the Winter Olympics in 2018. This is down from the previous event, which was held in 2014 and had an average global audience of over two billion.